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Signs of burnout that you didn’t even know about

WorkWorkWork AND NO PLAYMakes you MISERABLE and EXHAUSTED.   WAKE UP… Busyness is a part of our everyday lives with a whirlwind of activities, obligations, and …


Stop playing small

I am jumping around my seat as I type because I feel passionately about this.  I want to shout from the rooftops.  I want to …


The TEA mindset

How many times have you been to your friend’s house and she says ‘here have a cuppa it will make it all better.’ In our …


Long live the Queendom

Are you ready to harness your inner Queen? The Queendom of Fife is a new, online magazine designed to give women a chance to shine …


3 ways to crush imposter syndrome

One thing that I understand that you are going through right now is that you are feeling like you are a fraud. I get it. You …


Signs that you are burnt out and what to do

Feeling stressed out?Feeling exhausted?Like you have too much to do but not enough time to do it? When I speak to clients who are mentally, …

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