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How does it get better than this?

We are already well into February. How did that happen? How are you doing with your New Years Resolutions? How was the first month of …

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Google DG and Mindset by Pinky are partners

Before Christmas last year, I got a message from one of the team at Google Garage Edinburgh and it said something like… “We love what …


Doing what I love for charity!

Have you heard? Exciting times. I am going to be doing what I love and empowering women to feel more confident and successful. I will …


What people say about the confidence and self love workshop

Last weekend I felt honoured to be surrounded by a group of amazing women who  had some amazing things to say. I had so many …


Are you a sucker for saying yes?

Saying yes when you mean no. Are you a sucker for saying yes? You know when in your mind you are saying ‘no, no, no’ …


It’s not a quick fix

A quick fix is like a plaster for a cut (that’s band-aid if you are across the pond!) You know that I don’t believe in quick …

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