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Life Lesson

Today I learnt something from my 9 year old. It’s my dads 70th birthday soon, so we want to give him memorable experience. Something that …


How to get a better nights sleep

We could all do with a little more sleep “I will sleep when I am dead” is the number one reason for a health and productivity killer. …


2018 is well under way

We all seek success- JFDI!! BUT, what is holding you back from your next level of success? YOUR MINDSET It seems like only yesterday that I …


Look into my eyes…Hypnosis- The Myths…Busted.

Myth 1- only weak people can be hypnotised Actually, most people can be hypnotised if you want to. If you’re willing to focus and work …


How to Practice Self Care

Apologies about my radio silence. I am feeling refreshed restored and rebalanced after well, quite a few weeks of recharging my batteries and reflecting. No phones, no social …


3 tips to improve your self confidence

Last week we talked about accountability and how I can help you change your mindset and give you a way of working through your roadblocks. …

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