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I’m Pinky, transformational leadership coach. I work with aspiring leaders across the UK and globe. I’ll help you create your killer mindset that dismiss your inner critic, overcome imposter syndrome ‘the silent career killer’ and guide you on the right track for professional and personal success.

As a transformational coach working with entrepreneurs and career-driven women and men, I’m passionate about helping my clients become empowered to achieve personal and professional goals. Whether it’s asking for a promotion or a pay rise or chasing leads and closing business deals, believing in yourself is the first step towards creating a life you love.

During my women’s empowerment and confidence building courses, I draw off my personal experiences, coaching toolkit and range of practical skills to help you recognise burnout and overcome your inner fears and anxieties. With my support, you’ll learn how to deal with stress and build your confidence so you can transform your life.

I look forward to being a part of your professional and personal journey.

An Experienced Confidence Coach

For 19 years, I worked as a successful optometrist. I ticked all the boxes for success by society’s’ standards. However, something was missing. So, in 2008, after my son was born, I embarked on a journey of personal development and professional growth.

I certified as a nutritional therapist, specialising in eating psychology and emotional eating. I also trained with the co-founder of NLP in London along with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna to become a Master Practitioner in NLP.

My journey in personal development continues as I qualified as a Institute of Leadership and Management executive career coach. I have gained training on corporate coaching so I can better help my clients to reach their professional goals, be it getting that promotion or excelling at performance management reviews.

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overcome imposter syndrome and fear for Women globally

As well as women’s business life coach, 5 years ago I founded netwomen.co a global online personal development and skills platform where women build relationships, promote themselves, get visible, support each other and create new professional and business opportunities. We host weekly events online and in person and we are passionate about our community and creating a charity for women who have been in toxic relationships. Join us and meet the tribe or check us out online.

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