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Unlock Your Potential with Transformational Confidence Building Courses

Do you want to learn how to deal with stress and build your self-esteem? Do you want to improve your confidence and create positive well-being at work?

My empowerment and confidence building courses are specifically designed for female entrepreneurs and career-driven women. We’ll work on developing leadership skills, better managing stress at work, your money mindset and overcoming imposter syndrome- ‘the silent career killer’.

After working with me, you’ll be better equipped to take control of negative inner thoughts and imposter syndrome so you can excel professionally and personally. And, feel empowered to become the best version of you.

What Does a Transformational Coach Do?

As a transformational leadership and business coach, I use a combination of leadership coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and goal-setting approaches to understand your professional and personal ambitions. Drawing off my professional background, I’ll work with you to uncover limitations that might be impacting your business or career growth.

We’ll then create an action plan to confront your deepest fears and challenges head-on. I’ll teach you practical tips and tools for overcoming limiting beliefs and show you how to build confidence so you can unlock your true potential and make more money. Throughout your transformational journey, I’ll offer encouragement, support and a shoulder to cry on.

Together, we’ll surpass your goals to help you have the professional and personal life you deserve.

Edinburgh or ​Online Life Coach

Regardless of your location, it’s still possible to get expert self-esteem and executive support. I work with clients around the world to deliver online sessions, tailored to meet your needs.

Schedule your complimentary call today to learn more about my services and how I can help you reach your professional and personal goals. We can connect via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom at a time that works for you.

TAILORED leadership & Confidence Building Courses

Ideal for women looking for a more personal approach and confidential support. With my individual coaching for female entrepreneurs and professionals programme, you’ll receive a bespoke plan designed to meet your specific needs and accomplish your biggest goals. Over a 12 or 24 week period, we’ll work together on a one-to-one basis to:

  • Improve your self-belief
  • Boost your confidence
  • Money mindset and charge your worth
  • Promote yourself and ask for a pay rise
  • Learn leadership skills and take action to help you get that promotion
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Make better decisions
  • Increase your productivity and performance
  • And make more money!


Women’s Life and Business Coaching Testimonials

Live a Life You Love

Group Leadership and Confidence Coaching

What is your self-doubt and limiting beliefs costing you?

Sometimes developing leadership skills and boosting your self-confidence is a group effort. Working with a group of other women makes you accountable for your goals and gives you access to outsider’s perspectives.

Over 4 or 10 weeks, you’ll work with 12 career-driven women to tackle professional and personal problems. We’ll meet via weekly live video calls to create a community of empowered, like-minded women.

Together, we’ll:

  • Build your confidence so you can ask for that promotion or close business deals
  • How to negotiate effectively and get results
  • Give you the skills you need to improve your work performance
  • Help you to believe in yourself and develop a growth mindset
  • Re-confirm your identity and address any feelings of low self-worth
  • Teach you tips and tricks for better managing stress and anxiety
  • Improve your relationships
  • Build your resilience and overcome your fear of failure so you can achieve anything

After completing the group leadership and confidence building course, you’ll have the know-how to take on your biggest challenges and reach your goals in business and life.

Leadership Coaching Testimonials

Let me help you change your mindset and create your killer mindset.

overcome imposter syndrome

Are you ready to create your killer mindset?

  • Doubting yourself?
  • Struggling to create boundaries?
  • Negative mindset?

Let me help you change your mindset and create your killer mindset.

Join the online workshop to discover that you are not alone when you feel like you are not enough or the ‘only’ or the ‘other.’ Often when we aim for success, we push ourselves out of our comfort zones however the inner critic can take over our minds which holds us back from breaking the glass ceiling. Learn how I can help you overcome your limiting beliefs.

My aim is to show you what it means to show up as the most confident, positive, happiest version of you – Every Single Day!

Let’s make it happen!

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