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7 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Behaviours to Foster at Work

Have you ever pondered the term ’emotional intelligence’ and considered its implications for your professional life? Perhaps, during periods of emotional instability; however, do not …


Why lack of inclusivity causes imposter syndrome

Let’s start with the definition: Imposter syndrome is the chronic feeling of inadequacy and incompetence, despite success- quoted from psycom. That means that you can be the …


Break the Bias

Since the second half of the 20th century, women’s labor force participation has grown significantly. We already know our impact in the industrial revolutions, the …


Why do companies benefit from diverse leadership?

Well we all know that the people at the top of most organisations are men – we don’t need the stats to show you that. …


What is Inclusive Leadership?

In my view, it can be defined by anything from leaders who are aware of their own biases and preferences, to leaders who actively seek …


How to ask for a pay rise

It’s been hard for women in a post pandemic world to ask for a pay rise, or to even be valued inthe workforce. We don’t …

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