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Read comments from happy clients.


I really wanted to grow my business and had some amazing opportunities opening up but I felt like I was self-sabotaging my chances of success and knew I had to work out why. I suspected I had some pretty major limiting beliefs about money and my abilities. I was right. Initially I was worried about the investment but it felt right so I took the plunge and I’m glad I did.

Your amazing coaching has allowed me to get over my limiting beliefs, particularly around money and it has made me much more confident in myself without worrying about what everyone else thinks all the time. This pretty major mindset shift has allowed me to get some big contracts that I might not have got without your coaching.

As for tangible results, I’ve secured at least 4 big clients that I might not have had the confidence to sign up prior to the work you’ve done with me. It’s hard to quantify at the moment but I estimate these to be worth at least £80,000 per annum. That’s not to mention all the other benefits to my business from changing my beliefs. I’m a much more confident, relaxed and happy leader which has had huge implications to my team as we’re starting to grow properly but in a calm and focused manner. The work you’ve done has also significantly reduced my stress levels and has helped relieve some physical symptoms of stress.

Thanks so much for everything you’ve done so far. I can’t recommend your services highly enough.

                                                                                                 E.M EDINBURGH

I no longer play small...

For the past 5 years I have held myself back by playing small. Opportunities and jobs opened up but I kept sabotaging my chances by not believing in myself. I had limiting beliefs about money and my abilities. I was unhappy in my job. Before I decided to work with Pinky I was worried about the investment but it felt right and I am glad I did it!

I have stopped limiting myself around money and I feel more confident in myself without worrying about what everyone thinks. This pretty major mindset shift has allowed me to apply for a new job which I would not have done without your coaching.

I have secured my dream job which pays more than what I have ever earned or aimed for. That’s not to mention all the other benefits, I am more confident, relaxed and happy at work which has had a massive impact on my relationships at work and home. The work you have done has also changed the way I think and I no longer play small. For that, I am truly grateful. I can’t thank you enough Pinky. I highly recommend your services.


Just work with her!

Pinky will change your life and make you believe it’s all been you. When you work with Pinky you realise all the qualities you already have that you haven’t tapped into before like confidence and courage and then they just become normal.

I am sure that my dreams will happen because now I know I have the power within me to make them come true. Pinky is wise woman, total badass AND your biggest supporter rolled into one.

The biggest and best thing I have taken from our time together is how to be my own best friend, whilst gaining another one in Pinky. You need her in your life.

Just work with her!

Gillian, Glasgow

I have seen quite a few tangible results.

Before I started coaching with Pinky my first reservation was the cost, for a service that I wasn’t 100% sure would deliver the results I was looking for. However, it was helpful that flexible payment options were available and I was able to budget accordingly for 6 month coaching programme. When I signed up, I wasn’t in a good place so I took the mindset that if it made a difference it would be worth every penny and if not, at least I’d tried something to get me out of the negative head space!

Another fear of mine was opening up to somebody I didn’t really know and facing up to the causes of the various behaviours I wanted to change.

My main reasons for signing up for the coaching programme was from a life/emotional perspective rather than a work or business perspective. Being over half way through the programme now, I feel I have made amazing progress.

My self confidence was at an all-time low when I started the programme. My fears were getting in the way of me doing things that I really wanted to do. Speaking to Pinky every week has not only helped me understand why this was happening but has also supported me emotionally and held me accountable. There’s no way I can get on a call each week and not have something significant to update when I’m asked “How has my week been?”

I have seen quite a few tangible results. For example, for over a year I had been thinking of starting to play tennis again and to join a local club. Fears of not being good enough and putting myself out there on my own had stopped me. Chatting this through with Pinky and saying it out loud, helped me realise that it was ridiculous to have this mindset. I’ve subsequently joined my local club and been playing at least once a week and could even make the team next season. It’s hard to see now what I was so worried about! Thank you Pinky, I would highly recommend your coaching programme to everyone.

Lucy, Scotland

I can’t wait to see what I will achieve

Before I met Pinky I felt like I was ‘on edge’ all the time and not good enough at my job. I doubted myself to move out of my comfort zone because I was scared to fail.

At first I was worried about spending the money to work with Pinky but that was justified in 3 sessions. I have already noticed amazing breakthroughs with her. She solved doubts I had with my self worth, self belief around senior figures and how failure is a necessary part of success. The mindset shifts I have made so far mean that it will impact every area of my life, not just work or business. I now have the foundations for my killer mindset. I can’t wait to see what I will achieve in the next few weeks! 

Gill, Scotland

reminded me of the importance of nourishing myself

Having worked on overcoming limiting beliefs, over the years, I realised I still had a few that hadn’t quite shifted substantially enough, hence starting a coaching programme with Pinky.

Pinky helped me work through my fears, beliefs and values and reminded me of the importance of nourishing myself to increase my vibration, which allowed me to gain more alignment with what I was doing.

During the coaching period, I also experienced several set backs in my business and personal life which had an emotional impact on me, so having Pinky there to help me work through the issues as they arose was incredibly helpful.

I would highly recommend coaching with Pinky.

IG, Scotland

can now see the future happening

Just wanted to thank you for the call yesterday. I’ve now found a finance advisor to help guide me through the company’s growth. I was on the radio this morning chatting about my product (without nerves!) AND a massive company have requested a meeting to hopefully roll our products out across the group. I’m much less overwhelmed and can now see the future happening (in that lovely white office)! Thanks’

 E M, Edinburgh

I highly recommend working with Pinky

Before I met Pinky, I wasn’t as confident as I would like. I worried about what people think and my inner critic was stopping me from getting stuff done. I realised that something needed to change to progress in my business. I was nervous about spending the money at first but after the first 2 sessions things started changing. I did a FB live (my first one!) and I have just got off the phone to call a big client (I was scared of phoning) who just said ‘yes!’ I am delighted! I have earned more than £50,000 in the time I worked with Pinky. I highly recommend working with Pinky.

T.H London 

experienced such positive change

I’ve been in business for over 9 years but was holding myself and my business back until I started working with Pinky… I’ve experienced such positive change in less than 2 months and can finally let myself and my business flourish

E M Edinburgh

helped me to see things differently

Pinky’s calm voice immediately put me at ease, her questions guided me to clarity and I spoke my mind, out loud, so I could recognise some old negative beliefs that are no longer part of me but I still carry around. She gave me some ideas and I have been practicing some of the exercises I learned at her workshop and they helped me to see things differently. 

I totally recommend to anyone to work with Pinky.

Naizary, Edinburgh

would highly recommend Pinky

Pinky helped me chat through some issues I am experiencing. She really understood what I was saying and encouraged me to dig deeper when I wasn’t sure of the answers. It was great to be able to speak so openly and I felt very comfortable talking to her. 

I would highly recommend Pinky if you are looking for support. Thank you, Pinky!

Kirsty, Edinburgh

had a better perspective

Having met Pinky on the networking circuit, her Killer Mindset chat instantly peaked my interest. Having changed my career path, I realised I needed help changing my ‘learned behaviour’ from my old role. Having the right mind set early on was important to me to ensure I do the very best job so I sought help. My session with Pinky allowed me the time to ‘think out loud’ all the factors that were in play and my feelings towards them. She then worked out the barriers I was experiencing and seamlessly worked through them with me. She then gave me tools to continue to work past those barriers with some very achievable goals! I instantly felt like I had a better perspective on this change and felt less chaotic in my thoughts. ThanksPinky!

GW Edinburgh

an amazing discovery call with Pinky

I had the pleasure to have an amazing discovery call with Pinky! It’s so great to speak with such a friendly person who coaches clients for so many years and helps them succeed. I really look forward to working with her on a long-term basis as I feel we connect really well.

Kasia, Edinburgh

she practices what she preaches

Thanks to Pinky I got my diet back on track. Pinky didn’t just give me standard advice but listened carefully to where I was at and tailored the process to my individual needs. She was also incredibly supportive throughout, moreover kept it light-hearted and fun so it didn’t feel like hard work.

The best thing about Pinky is that she practices what she preaches. She is a brilliant example of what healthy living can do for you, which is huge motivation in itself. Should I fall off the wagon again I know where to go!

Maike, Edinburgh.

I feel excited and calm

I have just had a coaching session with Pinky where she helped me understand /get clearer on an issue I was having. She took me through a wonderful, easy and quick hypnotic trance where I felt safe, happy and clear. It took 15 minutes and now I feel excited and calm. And looking forward to my adventure.

LJ, London

Ditched imposter syndrome and going for a promotion

Before I started working with Pinky, whenever there was a team meeting or when in the boardroom I had this overwhelming feeling of ‘being found out’ ‘who am I to be here’ and that ‘what I had to say was boring and pointless.’ Since we have worked together for the last 3 weeks I have ditched imposter syndrome and started speaking up and asking for what I deserve. I have tips and tools that I can start using  when I hear my inner critic and I feel confident to go for the next promotion. Something I wasn’t able to do before. Thank you Pinky for your transformational coaching!

SS, London.

Aftercare is great!

Pinky is professional, compassionate and meant to do this! I can hear the passion in her voice when she helps you. Aftercare is great! Pinky helped me when I was going through a difficult time in my life. Her techniques helped me re-centre and remain positive. What was amazingly surprising was the long-term ‘lift’ it gave me at the right time. Like a weight was lifted. I noticed the main benefits of it when I really needed to. Thanks Pinky X

Sarah, Edinburgh.

It's so easy to talk to Pinky

It was great talking to Pinky as it made me think about myself differently and also how to look at things differently. When I am falling into old habits I’m now able to get out of them faster and my self awareness about old habits has increased. I’m more relaxed now and can’t wait to keep learning and discovering. It’s so easy to talk to Pinky and I am very grateful for her support. Thank you

Anika, Luton


I signed up for Pinky’s 6 week course as I have always struggled with self confidence. It was really helpful to discuss my goals and put plans in place each week to achieve them. We explored barriers I had adn how to overcome them. Going through the process was so valuable for me and helped me plan ahead for the rest of the year. Thank you!

Leanne Lindsay, Edinburgh

I cannot recommend her highly enough

I have just started working with Pinky and she has enabled me to move forward with 2 big issues that I’ve been ‘stuck’ with for some considerable time. I cannot recommend her highly enough in terms of her understanding, patience, professionalism and compassion.

Lisa Jane Philipp, Edinburgh

My whole outlook has changed

Pinky, I wanted to thank you for coaching me. Without you, I would not be where I am in my business today. I had so many limiting beliefs that held me back in my life. My whole outlook has changed and I have a new client whom I didn’t have the confidence to contact before working with you. That in itself has increased my profits by £20,000 this year. So grateful. You need Pinky in your life!

SG, Edinburgh

immediately felt at ease

Thanks Pinky for an all-round great experience.

I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone. I immediately felt at ease with your laid back and friendly approach which makes the experience so much easier and enjoyable. After speaking with Pinky and leaving with a more positive mind set changes were imminent for me and tailored nutritional advice was great also that you keep in touch after sessions is also a really nice touch! Thank You.

Holly, Midlothian/Northumberland

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