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3 tips to improve your self confidence

Last week we talked about accountability and how I can help you change your mindset and give you a way of working through your roadblocks. This week I want to ask you a question, Can you feel confident when you need to?

I am wondering how many of you feel self conscious or see yourself in anxious situations before you even get there? Self confidence and feeling good is related to the state of your brain. You can change the state of your brain by the way you feel which in turn changes the way you act. Here is how you can do this and take control in 3 steps:


Imagine a time when you felt really self confident, if you can do that, that is excellent. If you cant then use a time when you felt content and happy. Practise this technique yourself. Taking deliberate control of your state will have a huge impact on your self confidence and other areas of your life.

Challenge your inner critic

Watch out for your inner critic which sometimes pipes up at the most annoying times. Have you ever noticed how you speak to yourself in a way you never speak to others? For example, you accidentally knock a glass over and it breaks and immediately your inner critic says ‘you stupid idiot, you can’t do anything right can you?’ Criticism that makes you feel upset and deflated changes your state and is not useful. Next time that voice pops up- question it. Challenging your inner voice will help you build your self confidence.


And finally smile- scientifically proven method to help you feel relaxed and happy. Showing those pearly whites will not only make you appear both confident and composed, the effects are also internal. Smiling releases feel good hormones reducing stress. Whilst you are smiling remember to think about that happy moment too.

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