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Do you feel alone?

During the busiest time of year amid the festive parties, cheery songs and bright lights many people are facing a feeling of loneliness.

Maybe you are one of them.  I was. I remember a particularly difficult year living by myself, empty weekends and the finality of divorce as the paperwork was signed.

At this point I was kicked out of the home I had built, homeless with my 10 month old son to take care of, alone. It hit me as I was driving to my parent’s house for Christmas; as the festive music played on the radio I felt the deep pain of loss, abandonment and an overwhelming fear of loneliness.

Isn’t this a time of the year when most people are busy rushing around buying gifts and being merry?

Being connected is so important to us as humans. For those who feel a sense of loneliness during the festive season, this time of year can be a time of additional stress.

This stress can cause problems with sleep, mood and it plays havoc with the immune system. Loneliness is difficult to define and trickier to determine when it presents itself, what’s causing it and how to counter it. It’s a subjective feeling rather than a condition, like love, it can’t be diagnosed.

The great news is you CAN change that…

So, during this joyous season, snap out of loneliness by doing the opposite. Focus your thoughts on what you have instead of what you don’t have.

Be grateful for all the blessings and opportunities you have had this year.

Once I started being grateful and writing a journal for all the things that I was blessed with, I realised that I am loved and supported by the people who matter.

Who are you grateful for?

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