Don't let fear hold you back Mindset by Pinky

Don’t let fear hold you back

What are you missing out on when you let your fears hold you back?


I am so pleased I said ‘yes’ to the opportunity of partnering with Google garage.
So much has happened since I made a promise to follow my instinct and ask myself ‘does this serve me and the people around me?’

That was 4 years ago and since that point, I have been:

Asked to speak and hold workshops at various events in Scotland
Writing articles for the MADE magazine and the one tribe magazine
Partnering with Entrepreneurial Scotland for the Women in Networking events across Edinburgh and Glasgow
Our WiNE|WiNG communities are getting bigger and better with more free events and training happening in Edinburgh and Glasgow to join the movement
Google Garage Edinburgh training day was a huge success
To celebrate #IWD2019 I have a very special offer for you- POWER SESSION (see above for details)

If you had said to me 4 years ago that I will be speaking at events, facilitating training and workshops and writing articles, I would have laughed and probably felt the fear.

Fear of being found out, who am I to be doing this? Feeling like a fraud and a fluke, like I don’t belong.
Guess what?
Everyone has had feelings of self doubt and feeling like an imposter at some point in their lives, haven’t they?

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it? Is it fear?

In fact, it doesn’t matter what level of business you are at or what job you are doing, feeling like an imposter shows up when you least expect it. You could be Michelle Obama or Jodie Foster. Even though they are famous, they still feel like they are going to get found out. If you feel like this, you are not alone. 70% of women have felt like a fraud at various stages of their lives.

Here’s what has helped me and changed the way I think about Imposter syndrome

1. My passion and purpose- being able to talk about what I do to people who support me and fan my flames has made me realise that I have been downplaying my abilities for a long time. Coaches and mentors that I have invested in over the last 10 years have helped to change my life. What I have learnt is that self promotion is ok when you tell the truth about yourself and that you can feel the fear and do it anyway as long as it’s aligned with your values and beliefs.

2. Shining my light- my clients give me a point of focus and clarity. Ask yourself ‘how can I help them?’ instead of looking at your own insecurities.

3. Reframe ANTs- changing my Automatic Negative Thoughts or self deprecating voices to positive, loving and kind ones has helped immensely. Ask yourself ‘how do I talk to myself?’ Do you talk to yourself like you do to your child or a stranger or do you put yourself down?


The difference between you and someone who appears to have it all together…



Change your belief, change your life.

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Wishing you all a fantastic #IWD #balanceforbetter 

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