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Don’t wait until 2022. Start now

Are you ready to look at 2021 and wave it goodbye? You’re not alone. The last couple of years
have literally been one for the history books. I know I’m feeling the strong need for a change
and I’m ready to transform my life.

But how do I start?

The festive season is finally here – thank all that is holy. But why wait to start the next year off
right when there are things you can do now to get a jump-start on your New Year’s resolutions
and help you to make it through the holidays relatively unscathed? I said relatively, you still have
to see your in-laws and that aunt that we didn’t know we were related to.
Why start on something today that you can put off for months, enjoy turkey day and dive headfirst into a tin of Quality Street?

Hmm, well that sounds exactly what past you would say, and
past you is the one that clicked on this article begging for change, so let’s give her a chance eh?
First, it gives you time to think.
Everyone talks about their New Year’s resolutions come January and if you join in on that talk,
you might feel compelled to continue on with things that simply aren’t working for you.
Doing it early gives you time to figure out if your goals are really what you want to focus on in
the coming year.
Also, starting on your new goals early for next year gives you time to start slowly. The truth is
that cold turkey isn’t fun nor is it sustainable – it’s only good in a boxing day sandwich with
cranberry sauce. Oh and stuffing…
Anyway. You’re not a switch and you can’t simply turn your habits on and off – if we could then
we wouldn’t be sitting here now, would we?
You need time to be able to slowly ease into your desired changes, which makes starting now a
great idea! And makes the cold, dreary days of January a little bit more bearable.
At this moment, your goal may be to see exactly how much turkey and stuffing one person can
consume in a 12-hour period, but let’s look beyond that. Because I don’t think my jeans can take
the thought of that right now. (Actually, who am I kidding, I’ve not worn jeans since 2019…)

What are your goals for the next year?

Having a list you can go back to can help you to get
things done that are important to you when it comes to your own health and wellness.
The key to the goals you set for this holiday season and the year beyond is to make them
realistic and specific.

So, instead of setting a goal such as “get healthier,” try instead to set a goal such as cutting out
meat one meal per week and going heavy on the veggies instead.

Or maybe increase the distance of your runs every week so that you can run in that charity 5K in June.

As long as it’s something specific enough you can make a plan for, then you’ll set yourself up for success.
Now that you have goals and a plan, take steps toward meeting them!

It doesn’t have to be January 1st in order to set things in motion. Let’s be real, how many years
have you made New Year’s resolutions on New year’s Day only to have them fizzle out by
Valentine’s Day? Or in my case January 2nd…
No judgment, we’ve all been there, but you may want to find a different approach to really meet
your goals this time.
And lastly, end the year by investing in yourself. Look at courses, skills, lessons, etc to give
yourself the boost you need for the new year. Learning how to prioritize tasks, get your business
in order and create some good habits before January 1st is a great way to achieve your goals.
By investing in yourself you are setting yourself up for success, and not going cold turkey.
Now, where was that stuffing…?

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also trained with the co-founder of NLP in London along with Richard Bandler and Paul
McKenna to become a Master Practitioner in NLP.
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