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How to boost your resilience

We have all been through bad times in our lives.
Feels like you are riding a rollercoaster. Full of ups and downs and life is about learning to enjoy the ride.

Easier said than done right?


That’s what resilience is on a mental and emotional level. Being able to enjoy the ride.


What happens to you when you receive bad news?
When your day hasn’t been as productive as you thought it might have been?
When life throws you a little surprising news that you weren’t expecting.

Resilience is being able to regulate mental processes and behaviours in the face of adversity.


Can you rationally deal with stressful, challenging or surprising situations?

We have all been there.
Being able to protect yourself from ruminating over those negative thoughts is what I want to share with you.
And how you can handle a situation calmly and logically by regulating your emotions.

  • Know what you can control and what you can’t.
  • Think of the difficult situation as a learning process in your life.
  • Having strong relationships with friends and family.
  • Focus on the great things in your life right now.
  • Celebrate your wins no matter how small.
  • Being self aware of your negative voice.
  • Reframing your negative thoughts to positive.

According to Mind the mental health charity, resilience is based on 3 factors. Wellbeing: Coping with day to day life

Social factors: Connecting with people in a similar situation

 Ways to cope: Psychological training and treatment

Here’s what you get when you work with me

Wellbeing: Sustainable changes through tools and strategies to crush imposter syndrome.

Social factors: Join to surround yourself with supportive, likeminded women.

 Ways to cope: Join my 10 week group coaching programme with 10 rockstar ladies and reframe your negative thoughts and self doubt.

 Resilience is an important factor in supporting mental health, it provides a proactive route to manage stress rather than reducing stress when you experience it. 


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