It's never to late to reinvent yourself - Mindset by Pinky

It’s never to late to reinvent yourself

Progress in life is all about reinventing yourself.

Each year we grow we develop into the best version of ourselves, but with that comes learning opportunities and of course, life setbacks. So how in the turmoil in life can we be the person we aim to be?
If Victoria Beckham can get us to forget about Posh Spice and her short-lived solo career, then we have a good chance of chasing our dreams and succeeding at them. How do we go about manifesting that dream life then? Well first of all you have to look in the mirror. Look at the person that you are and think of the person you want to become, but most importantly never lose sight of the person in your reflection. That is the person that got you to where you are today and that is the person that will get you through tomorrow. Stand up, look at the person every day and check in with them.

The next point is to take risks. They do say that you will start living when you step outside your comfort zone, and that is very true – to a certain extent. When you drop the walls and step outside what scares you, you are then able to size opportunities with a
breeze and constantly move in the right direction.

And the last step is to define your core values. Think of this as the building bricks to your new life, you will know the direction you need to take for reinvention. You’ll have an easier time making big decisions, and even knowing how to act in day-to-day situations. Over time, you will build the life that you were dreaming of.

These tips will help you move forward in your reinvention journey and help you reach
the goals you are moving towards. But remember that your values and beliefs can shift over time. As we all know, what mattered to you the most when you were in your 20’s might not look the same when you move into your 30s, 40s, or 50s. Keep an open mind and reach for those opportunities that come along. 

Quoting Richard Branson’s wise words “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, SAY YES and learn how to do it later.”

By Mollie Houston & Pinky Ghadiali

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