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It’s not a quick fix

A quick fix is like a plaster for a cut (that’s band-aid if you are across the pond!)

You know that I don’t believe in quick fixes when it comes to mindset.

It’s not just mindset, it can even be anything from diets to fitness and more. Seems to be a lot of quick fixes out there.

A quick fix might help what is on the surface but it doesn’t get to the root of the issue. And when my son fell over and cut his knee, he wanted a plaster. It might have been an immediate win but in reality, it didn’t last.

He wanted to be cuddled and reassured.
He wanted to feel loved and supported.
He wanted to hear that he will be ok.

It’s like positive thinking- sounds great in theory but it’s not possible to be joyful and happy every single day.
In fact, it’s normal to feel anxiety, sadness and discomfort. However, when negative thoughts pop into your mind and they consistently take over your life, that’s when they control you by limiting you. Negative thoughts are contagious.

The great news is you CAN change that…

But it requires doing something different to what you are doing now.

If you keep doing what you are doing then you will keep getting what you have always got. Right?

Time to get training

You might think that going to the gym once a month is going to make you fit. It’s not.

You might think that going on a diet for a month means that you will maintain the weight loss. It won’t.

You might think that if you spend one day a month when you are self aware and not putting yourself down that you will keep that up. You won’t.

Problem with quick fixes is that it can cause you to ping back to where you started just like an elastic band.

If you crave a successful thriving life/business, then you need to train your mind to think better, happier and more fulfilling thoughts.

Reframe the negative to positive by engaging your mind to produce more positive content. The more training you do the more positive emotions you can experience especially when you have a negative situation that challenges you.

How we think changes how we feel and therefore the way we act.

The definition of insanity: doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

If you make some progress and then you end up in the same crap place like an elastic band pulling you back, that’s mindset.

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