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Look into my eyes…Hypnosis- The Myths…Busted.

Myth 1- only weak people can be hypnotised

Actually, most people can be hypnotised if you want to. If you’re willing to focus and work with the hypnotist, it’s likely you’ll end up slipping into a deep relaxed state. If not, no amount of effort will work.

A hypnotist can’t really control your mind. You won’t do anything under hypnosis that you find morally unacceptable.

In fact, professional hypnotists report that only about one-fifth of all subjects are actually amenable to direct suggestion (the “bark like a dog” thing). However, while complete control is just a hypnosis myth, hypnosis can still be a good way to modify old habits and remove deep-seated fears. For example weight loss and fear of public speaking.

Myth 2- you are unconscious when you are hypnotised

Not really. Hypnosis isn’t sleep; it’s more of a deep relaxation. In most cases you’ll still be alert enough to hear the hypnotist and respond to them.

That said, a few people really can go into very deep trances, and may not remember anything about it later. This is very likely the effect that generated this particular hypnosis myth. It’s also possible for you to get so relaxed that you’ll lose track of the hypnotist’s voice and really will fall asleep, like me.

Myth 3- Hypnosis can cure anything

You have to believe in yourself before hypnotism can work for you.

That’s why hypnosis can help you lose weight, stop smoking, or sooth your irrational fears and phobias. But it can’t cure cancer, help you become a lady’s man, or make you handsome- sorry! Anyone who says otherwise is trying to palm a hypnotism myth off on you.

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