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Starting it AND keeping it

My first blog hurrah! When I trained in NLP I completely understood why so many of us start something and never finish. Let me give you an example, so may of you start a diet, I mean short programs, read a book or 2 about dieting and while you might get results for a while you might not be able to keep it going on track. Then there is not going to the gym. You start off by being really enthusiastic and start by going 3 times a week which begins well, really well. About 3-6 weeks into your new health kick you find yourself at home tucking into a big bag of crisps, which you have scoffed nearly all of them so you might as well finish them. Sound familiar? Well you aren’t alone. We have all been there, right? we want to keep it not just try it, we want to turn this new health kick into a habit with no effort. Keeping it is what its all about.

That’s why I am here it’s what I am about accounta(fucking)bility. So that when you feel a bit crap about something and start doing something you shouldn’t be doing you will have a strategy to change your behaviour. When you work with me you can actually change your mindset and it will give you a way of working through mindset blocks in any area of life. I used diets and the gym as examples however you can apply this to any aspect of your life to make you the happiest and most content you will ever feel.

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