Google DG and Mindset by Pinky are partners

Google DG and Mindset by Pinky are partners

Before Christmas last year, I got a message from one of the team at Google Garage Edinburgh and it said something like…

“We love what you are doing. Would like to offer a free training for you, your clients and Women in Networking Edinburgh and Glasgow.”

My initial thoughts were “this is a great opportunity for everyone involved, what’s the catch?”

I decided to wait until after my holiday to warmer climates, so that I can get my much needed dose of vitamin D and enjoy Christmas/New Year with the family. At the start of January I went to visit GDG in Edinburgh and they were excited to get our partnership in place and so was I!

The result was an EXCLUSIVE bespoke FREE training day for my clients, WiNE and WiNG, where 2 GDG team members will be talking digital marketing which quite frankly I have limited expertise in this area! And I will be hosting a Create Your Killer Mindset workshop. It’s going to be a brilliant and powerful combination. Genius.

I decided to release 40 tickets and they SOLD OUT in 2 hours and GDG asked me to release 10 more in case people drop out.  So the following morning at 6am, when I created the tickets on Eventbrite, they sold out in 5 minutes! 

I am absolutely delighted to have this opportunity with Google Digital Garage and I am looking forward to seeing those of you who managed to get a ticket because after the tickets sold out, my phone has been going crazy with people asking to get on the waiting list. There is a waiting list of about 40 people desperate to come. 

Now Google Digital Garage and I are creating a few more training days like this due to the demand. AND they want to host a WiNE event for us in the evening. Exciting times.

Looking forward to our partnership together, with much more to follow…

My takeaway for you is 

“When you get an opportunity, go for it with all of your heart because you only get one chance. You create opportunity with your action”



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