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How to mindset reset in January

It’s the beginning of a new year and you have decided to make this year and this decade better than the last. 
At least that’s what I am guessing… 

I also know that if you have made resolutions then 80% of us have fallen off by the second week of January. FACT.

So now what?

You have to achieve your goals for the year and you’ve got your goals written out and posted where you’ll see them. 



You have developed your plan of action for implementing your goals and decluttered your desk to clear out your mind. 

So what’s the problem? 

Why are you still not in action?

Could it be your frame of mind? 
Your mindset? 

It’s tough to get back to the momentum and motivation you had prior to the end-of-year festive season. 
Great job planning and getting your physical space in order. 
Now you’ve got to get your mental space in order. 

To get a January mindset to be in action.

Here’s 2 things you could be doing to help you:

To get started, write out a list of what you’d like to achieve this year. Instead of setting new year’s resolutions, select an abundant mindset that match your goals. Instead of, ‘I can’t do this’, change it to ‘I may not be able to do this yet however I will figure this out.’

Join a mastermind group It can also help to share your new mindsets and challenges with people who are in business just like you. They ‘get you’ and understand you. You cannot underestimate the power of building a support system. You are not an island, you need people who have your back. You need your tribe. Check out we have mastermind groups happening all over Scotland and we are growing in the UK.  As a member you will get discounts to our events and access to webinars for training. Don’t miss out!

You, and only you, have the power to make meaningful changes in 2020 that impact the course of your life. 

Remember, practicing forgiveness when you deviate from the plan is key to stay motivated and continue to move forward toward your larger goal.

Ready to make this your best year yet? 

I have something for you… 4 week group programme to create your killer mindset so that you reach your goals and make it happen in 2020. It’s online so you don’t even need to leave your comfy sofa or your cosy house! And you can share your experiences and hold each other accountable with 5 rockstars just like you!

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