Long live the Queendom - Mindset by Pinky

Long live the Queendom

Are you ready to harness your inner Queen?


The Queendom of Fife is a new, online magazine designed to give women a chance
to shine and celebrate confidence, positivity and achievements in life and in
My name is Cara Forrester – a former journalist who’s spent her life in the
communications industry – and I created the Queendom after becoming frustrated I couldn’t find a place or platform online to showcase my work.
So when I discovered nothing existed to promote positive messages to women, I
created it myself.

I started the magazine to give women who are working hard on their chosen career a place to celebrate what they’ve achieved.
But very quickly, from speaking to a wealth of women out there, I quickly started to
realise the Queendom could be so much more. 

It could be our chance to be part of something positive and uplifting.

For you, about you.
A celebration of all that we are.


All too often, especially in the media, women are portrayed as in competition, as
rivals, or categorised by how they look. It’s time to change that story because we all know that’s not how it is.

In the Queendom, we lift each other up, give each other a chance to shine and
offer our skills to empower those who need us.
But we also recognise the importance of our own wellness, mental and physical
The Queendom promotes self-care, confidence, me time and keeping ourselves
charged up, especially since we all have so many different roles and hats to wear in

I’ve designed the Queendom of Fife website to be a place you can go to read about
women who have stories that will inspire you.
And our community is growing – fast.
In just a few months, we’ve established a strong readership, supplemented and
supported by a Facebook and Instagram following of like-minded women.
I feel humbled and priviledge to tell the stories of so many wonderful women.
We are all Queens in the Queendom and I want to continue to reach as many
women as I can with the messages we have to share.

I met Pinky through her online  and face to face networking group WiNE (Women in Networking Edinburgh) and was instantly drawn to her inspirational, positive ethos.
Her aims to give women confidence and courage resonated with my own and I knew immediately I wanted to collaborate with her. Find out more about her membership group here.

Will you join?

I hope so. Long Live the Queendom.


Thank you for your guest blog. It’s a pleasure to have met you. 

Cara – editor, mum, writer, yoga-obsessed lover of cake.




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