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Love is in the air…

I love the fact that I walked into a shopping centre yesterday and I saw huge bunches of red roses everywhere. How romantic. I am a big fan of dates as reminders for self reflection and action. To be able to step back and look at the bigger picture. However,  I am not a fan of tomorrow being the one day that we celebrate the greatest power of all. LOVE. 

Having a loving relationship is happiness. Would you agree?

My man and I love each other, however there are days that we don’t treat each other with the courtesy and respect that we both deserve. I don’t think we are alone. How many times do you find yourself being kinder to a stranger or friends than to each other? 

Love and appreciation can often be forgotten in difficult, stressful times and therefore has a negative impact on relationships and happiness. Ironically it’s the time that we need a hug the most. That’s the reality isn’t it? 

Tomorrow is a great reminder for us, regardless of how long you have been together. We need to be able to connect and belong in all kinds of relationships, emotionally and physically. It’s human nature and it’s the key to happiness.

Tomorrow I am making a promise to:

Kiss in the morning and kiss in the night. To hug and kiss my family. Every single day no matter how I am feeling. Make each day count.

Happiness is love…


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