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Signs of burnout that you didn’t even know about



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Busyness is a part of our everyday lives with a whirlwind of activities, obligations, and commitments, it’s no wonder so many of us are missing the signs of BURNOUT. Are you running on a treadmill at high speed and about to fall off? Or have you experienced falling off the treadmill and want to recognise how not to?  

It’s difficult to recognise symptoms of burnout before it reaches critical point. 

Burnout creeps up in our lives so this is a useful insight into what to look out for 

and to address the problem before you reach the point of no return. 

One thing that has helped me is finding meaning and purpose in my work. If you truly love what you do then work doesn’t feel like work. The only downside to that is knowing when to stop. I don’t know about you but since I started my business I found so many ways of not stopping which can make it difficult to take a break and have some ‘me time’. I thought this would be useful for you as it is for me.

Shifting my mindset to

 ‘I am in control of my journey and the stories that I tell myself’ 

has really given me direction and I hope these telltale signs will help you.

  • Losing the ability to concentrate.                                                                                  Have you felt like you can’t do anything with the focus that you used to be able to? Things like not having the patience to read a book or watch a film as your mind is wandering and thinking of other things? Learn to meditate, even if it is 5 minutes of closing your eyes everyday and focusing on your breath and being in the present moment. You can do this anywhere and anytime you like! This has made a huge difference in my life and it has made me more focused on what I do.
  •  Feeling exhausted despite regular sleep.                                                                           If you are getting 8 hours of sleep and still feeling like you need matchsticks to prop your eyelids open everyday, then have a look at your day in the office. If you are stressed at work it is likely that you aren’t getting quality sleep when you are anxious or stressed. Getting out for lunch, for a walk and some fresh air has changed my afternoon working pattern. Remembering to take proper breaks actually makes me more productive. Check out the pomodoro technique, having a 5 minute break every 20 minutes helps your brain refocus and more efficient. Try it!
  •  Feel like a failure.                                                                                                                    We have all had days like this, when everything you do goes wrong, you start doubting yourself and your abilities. You lose confidence and then fear creeps in. You lose motivation to keep going and start feeling incapable, not just in your business but in all areas of your life, in your relationships and your health starts getting effected. This negative spiral of anxiety can lead to a constant daily cycle. If this sounds like you, then it is more than likely to be burnout, NOT you. Remember that you are enough and you got this! You don’t have to do this alone, all you have to do is ask for help.

I love what I do! If you feel like you have anxious thoughts like ‘I am not enough’ or ‘I don’t deserve’ this or ‘I am not worthy’ then this call might be just what you need. 

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