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Supporting and inspiring women

I’m so excited that you are here at Paws and Purses to hear my stories about money and pets.  A little about me: I love to listen to most types of music, sing along although not very well, read, dance and take photos.  I have been married to Calvin for 15 years. Our pride and joy are our two beautiful girls, Tayla (11 years) and Kaylie (10 years)  plus all of the various pets we have had over the years. I grew up with Dogs, Cindy, Tia and Samantha. Now, I am more of a Cat Person, Hermit Crab Person and Pacman Frog Person.

Calvin and I met while Curling with my Dad in 1996.  When we started dating, I did not know t hat Calvin was more of a cat person.  So, I learned more about cats when he brought home Curly. When we moved in together our family grew with the addition of Moe and Larry.  Our youngest cat now is named Bones. Also, along the way we have had garden snails and currently have two Hermit Crabs (Red and Pete) plus a Pacman Frog named Bailey.

My favorite subject in school was Photography so naturally from there I ended up working in various camera stores before having kids.  After, the girls started school I started working part-time at a Grocery store as a Cashier and then I transferred into Produce. After, being in Produce for a year my back couldn’t handle lifting apple boxes anymore so then I had the pleasure of working for Better Business Bureau.

I have created Paws and Purses so that I can share my experiences with finances and pets.  I would like to help people learn from my mistakes, help my girls be better money managers than I was at their age, and share my experiences with all the crazy pets that we have had over the years.

I met Pinky through Facebook a couple of weeks ago while I was working on my blog and even had the pleasure of talking with her March 11.  Her background is in Optometry but now she focuses on helping women in a different way. She is a transformational life and business coach, she will help you along the way to become the best version of yourself.  With her guidance and support I will become the best version of myself. Here’s to great friendships all over the world. 

Written by Lynn Caplette.

Last night I felt honoured to be surrounded by a group of amazing women who  had some amazing things to say about the #IamRemarkable workshop that I facilitated. It’s about supporting and inspiring women all over the world. It is a pleasure to have been able to transform so many lives across the globe and I look forward to working with Lynn. Thank you for sharing your story. 

I love what I do! If you feel like you have negative thoughts like ‘I am not enough’ or ‘I don’t deserve’ this or ‘I am not worthy’ then this workshop might be just what you need. 

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