What would it be worth to you if you could get over your limiting beliefs? - Mindset by Pinky

What would it be worth to you if you could get over your limiting beliefs?

As a little girl you are told,

“You’re not pretty enough,
you’re not skinny enough,
you are not smart enough,
you didn’t get an A,
you are too direct,
you’re too aggressive” —

Someone you love and respect has just labelled you. and you wear these beliefs like a T shirt as a child and beyond. Then into adulthood these statements then manifest as

“I’m not enough.”


Sad, but true.

Think about it: Who is that little voice inside your head that says you’re not enough? While you maybe 40 years old and fully formed, chances are, that voice started when you were 6 or 7. And that’s a very long time to be listening to that same sad, berating, self deprecating voice.

That’s where women’s self-limiting beliefs in the global workplace come from.


Conditioning to believe that you’re not enough,
and therefore the lack of belief in what you can accomplish becomes one of the greatest obstacles you have to confront when starting your own business. 
But have you done that?

Have you had a word with yourself about your programming and changed your beliefs to
I am worthy
I deserve this 
and I am more than enough…

One of my clients decided to work with me after noticing that she wasn’t getting seen or heard at work. She said

” I don’t know what I am doing wrong, I keep saying yes to extra work but I don’t get promoted”
I said “If you don’t promote yours and your team’s effort, it will likely go unnoticed, and someone else will take credit.”

Do this in meetings, in one-on-ones, with your manager and with all stakeholders. Name and claim what you’ve done.
You are not invisible. We worked out a strategy for her to self promote and to find a way to blow her own trumpet. Most importantly we changed her limiting beliefs from I am not enough to self belief and self confidence with a little effective reprogramming and NLP. 

You have a voice. Damn it.


Own it.


What language do you use when you talk to yourself?
Kind and loving or harsh and critical?

Here are some tips on how you can overcome this is to become self aware. 

Ask yourself-what has the inner critic been saying to me for all these years? What T shirts have I been wearing?


I am not good enough for a promotion.
He/she is better than me.
What if I fail?

Ask yourself- How has it held me back in my career and how will it effect my business if I continue in this way? 


Once you have identified that, work out a plan or a strategy that will help you change that voice to a more positive one.

If you have tried this strategy and it hasn’t worked because the inner voice keeps telling you that ‘I am only one of 2 women in the whole team and I don’t belong’ 
This means that you might be suffering from Imposter syndrome which effects 70% of women at some point in their lives. I suggest you get in touch and book a complimentary session with me to help you change the labels on your T shirt. 

Almost forgot…
I have a gift for you.


It’s going to help and support you to start the year on a high and help you start the new decade with clarity and focus to achieve your goals in 2020 

Last few days before we go LIVE… 
I know that it’s tough and you need help and support. 
I know you are struggling.
I know that you want success.

That’s why…

I don’t want you to miss out on my group coaching programme specifically for female entrepreneurs.

I want to help you make more money and see you become more successful. 

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