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How does it get better than this?

We are already well into February. How did that happen?

How are you doing with your New Years Resolutions? How was the first month of 2019 for you? Are you smashing your goals?

Each year almost half of the world make New Years resolutions and only 1 in 10 people stick to them and succeed. How many years are going to go by before you realise that something has to change?

One of my clients, Evie spent years setting new tasks every January and every year she would get 2/3 weeks into the challenge, for example getting fit, and she would give up. She would get bored, frustrated and find it too tedious. She lost her confidence, belief in herself and started gaining weight again. This was happening every year. 

This year Evie decided to invest in my help and support. We are 2 weeks in and she hasn’t given up. One of the things she kept struggling with was her self worth, she felt like ‘she didn’t deserve to look and feel better about herself.’  When we worked together, she started believing in herself, her confidence started improving and she has started to lose weight. 

My question to her this week was ‘How can it get better than this?’ This is a powerful question because no matter where you are in life, whether it is the best point or the worst, low point, this question can open up so many opportunities and amazing things happen. 

Asking that question means that you will see things in a different perspective and start aligning your beliefs with your success.

Are you stuck in the same old story with your New Years Resolutions?

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