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Lockdown anxiety and how to overcome it

Hi, how are you feeling?

It’s been a while, I know. I spent the first week of lockdown in a state of grieving and loss. I took so much for granted. Things like going out for a meal, going to the gym and hugging my friends and family.  

My anxiety crept back in and I felt overwhelmed. 


You know when you start to feel a bit uncomfortable, your heart starts racing, palms feel sweaty, your mouth feels dry and your words become jumbled and it’s hard to focus on clear thoughts. Your fight or flight response has just kicked in.


Finances (help!)…
Kids are home (double help)…
And working from home? WTAF?

Lockdown week 1 was traumatic for me. I noticed my routine was out of the window and that’s what I needed to get back on track. 

Week 2 onwards has been much calmer and focused for me.


So here’s what I did:

Waking up earlier again and taking the time to have ‘me time’ before everyone wakes up. Checking in with myself and breathing/meditating, writing a gratitude journal and journaling. 

Then I decided to help those who are helping us. I have been helping the amazing NHS doctors and nurses and offering my coaching to them.

I feel for them right now. 

Specifically reminding myself everyday that they are putting their lives in danger for us. For you and me.

Please remember that there people who are sick or scared and panicked so BE KIND. 

Remember to stay calm and breathe… if you are aware of meditation and yoga, use those breathing techniques alternatively there is an audio recording on our training and development platform.

Remember to maintain your health mentally and physically by talking to your friends and family and virtual networking. I have been scheduling calls with my family everyday. Taking walks in nature or exercising outside. Fresh air really helps.  

Ask yourself

What is one small thing I can do to improve upon this situation today?

If you are like me, watching the news makes me feel anxious. It’s not surprising really, is it? If you watch or listen to the amount of negativity and uncertainty in the world constantly it’s no wonder you start feeling shit. So I unplugged and stopped watching the news.

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Stay safe and well!

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Pinky x


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