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Which one creates success, mindset or action?

Imagine the battle… mindset on one side and action on the other side.


In one corner we have the action/strategy coaches, who believe that everyone can overcome their mindset by taking action. Then in the opposite corner are the mindset coaches, who feel that mindset work is really the core of all change.

Which one would win?

I think you know which one I would place my bets on.

Mindset, every single time.

There is a small percentage of people who ‘eat the frog’ and just get on with it by pushing through resistance and realise there is a limit to the action because sometimes there is a voice or thought that holds you back.

Let me explain.

Imagine a bungee rope, you are only going to get so far until the rope bounces back. Your limiting beliefs about money or feeling like you don’t fit in or lack of self belief starts to hold you back from success. 

I have coached dozens of women just like you and this is what they have told me

“I have a business coach but I still have fear about money, charging people for my products and services.”


“I have been overlooked for promotions several times and it’s effecting my self confidence and self esteem” 


“I fear that I am going to fail and lose everything”


You can try and do this alone. You could. You would get your results, eventually. It would take you longer and cost you more time and money.

What if I tell you that all of the women who I have worked with will tell you the secret ingredient to achieve results a lot quicker is getting a mindset coach. 

Who is holding you accountable? 
Who is guiding you to your goals? 
What is holding you back from achieving your success? 

Fear of what people say?

Fear of failure?

Fear of saying no? 

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