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It’s not a quick fix

A quick fix is like a plaster for a cut (that’s band-aid if you are across the pond!) You know that I don’t believe in quick …


Own your thinking

Have you ever noticed that voice in your head? Just when you are about to ‘go for it’ and step out of your comfort zone, …


Do you feel alone?

During the busiest time of year amid the festive parties, cheery songs and bright lights many people are facing a feeling of loneliness. Maybe you …


I don’t feel like it.

You are never going to feel like it. Let’s face it. You are NEVER going to feel like doing things sometimes. Last week I got …


Inspiring women entrepreneurs highlight

Dream big Work hard Stay focused Surround yourself with good people You know when you surround yourself with like-minded people that amazing things happen. As part …


Monday Blues? Reclaim your Sundays.

Typically Sundays are a relaxing family day, snuggling on the sofa and watching a movie, aren’t they? Not when I was a kid. My earliest …

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