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Do you feel alone?

During the busiest time of year amid the festive parties, cheery songs and bright lights many people are facing a feeling of loneliness. Maybe you are one of them.  I was. I remember a particularly difficult year living by myself, empty weekends and the finality of divorce as the paperwork was signed. At this point …

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Inspiring women entrepreneurs highlight

Dream big Work hard Stay focused Surround yourself with good people You know when you surround yourself with like-minded people that amazing things happen. As part of my ongoing mission to empower women, I will be interview a lady every month to showcase how amazing you are. Please click below to get access to Nikki’s interview.

Life Lesson

Today I learnt something from my 9 year old. It’s my dads 70th birthday soon, so we want to give him memorable experience. Something that we can all remember, right Maybe not. We want to either take him away to a unique lodge or a fancy hotel. Or organise a good old fashioned knees up with all …

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